Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Here are some instructions to lose weight!

1. Protein breakfast: 

High protein breakfast is very important, study shows that one who maintains their breakfast lose his/her weight then who skip it e.g. scrambled eggs,  cheese, beans, butter, oatmeal, jelly, toast, smoothie with milk yoghurt etc

2. Drink water  before meals:

A study showed that if you drink  30 ounces water half an hour before any meal it will help with weight loss 44% over 3 months. Make a habit to drink water before all three main meals.

3. Spicy food:

Spicy foods help to raise your metabolism and reduce your longings. So spice up your food and enjoy spicy food without any fear. Many studies show that spices like red pepper, black pepper, garlic etc increase your metabolism and raised your body temperature which will lead you to weight loss.

4. Foods for weight loss:

Some foods are very constructive for losing fat. So choose that food e.g. salmon, boiled potatoes, tuna, beans, soups, avocado, cottage cheese etc

5. Avoid sweetened drinks and fruit juice:

If you want to lose your weight then you have to keep away from sweetened juices and drink because they are dangerous, highest in calories like zero sprites, diet coke, they just increase your hunger and longings towards food. skim milk, creamy coffee (mocha carries 220 calories), iced tea and smoothies are also helps to gain weight.

6. Change your plates size:

Switch your plates from big to small, this will help you in weight loss. People sit for dining they choose a big plate and fill their plates full, and eat all food on the plate. So pick small plate you will automatically put a smaller amount of food.  It’s a psychological matter, funny, but it works.

7. Black Coffee or green tea:

Black Coffee and green tea also useful for weight loss, so drink as much as you can as the caffeine in them can raise your metabolism by 3-11%.

8. Eat whole, organic foods:

whole and organic food are very important because they are minimal proceeds and carries less sugar, fat and calories. If you skip processed food your diet, then you will restrict to gain limited calories. This will lead you to weight loss.

Make sure that your diet consists of whole foods. They are healthier and prevent you from hunger.

9. Aerobic exercise:

It is very useful to lose weight, especially from belly area so make your habit of doing aerobic exercise at least 4 days. in a week.

10. Cook in virgin coconut oil:

Coconut oil is beneficial for health. It decreases your hunger and cravings. It burns your fat faster. Most important thing virgin coconut oil helps to balance hormones.

11. Eat slowly:

This is a psychological fact that if you eat slowly and chew properly you will feel full and you can gain fewer calories.

12. Good sleep:

Sleep controls your weight. If you get good healthy sleep of 7 to 8 hours this will help you to weight loss. Sleep is very important. Take good care of you sleep if you want to stay healthy.

13. Eat fruits and vegetables:

This is a natural way to reduce weight. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables without any fear because it has fewer calories.


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